Microsoft Windows

Windows 7 Professional x32        Download   Mirror

Windows 7 Professional x64        Download   Mirror

Windows 8.1 x32        Download   Mirror

Windows 8.1 x64        Download   Mirror

Windows 10 22H2 x32        Download   Mirror

Windows 10 22H2 x64        Download   Mirror

Windows 11 22H2 x64        Download   Mirror

Note: To download windows 8.1, 10, and 11 ISO file, open the link from Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Office

Office 2016 Mac OS        Download   Mirror

Office 2016 Professional Plus        Download   Mirror

Office 2019 Mac OS        Download   Mirror

Office 2019 Professional Plus        Download   Mirror

Office 2021 Home and Business Mac OS        Download   Mirror

Office 2021 Professional Plus        Download   Mirror

Office 365 Retail       Download   Mirror

Microsoft Project

Project Professional 2016        Download   Mirror

Project Professional 2019        Download   Mirror

Project Professional 2021        Download   Mirror

Project Professional Retail      Download   Mirror

Microsoft Visio

Visio Professional 2016        Download   Mirror

Visio Professional 2019        Download   Mirror

Visio Professional 2021        Download   Mirror

Visio Professional Retail      Download   Mirror

Windows Server

Windows Server 2012        Download    Mirror
Windows Server 2016        Download    Mirror
Windows Server 2019        Download    Mirror
Windows Server 2022        Download    Mirror

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server 2016 Eval    Download     Mirror

SQL Server 2019 Eval    Download     Mirror

SQL Server 2022 Eval    Download     Mirror

SQL Server 2019       Download

SQL Server 2019 Developer     Download

SQL Server 2019 Express      Download

Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio        Download

Visual Studio Professional     Download

Visual Studio MacOS    Download

Visual Studio Code     Download

Visual Studio Code MacOS    Download

Microsoft InfoPath

InfoPath x32    Download

InfoPath x64    Download

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI x32     Download

Power BI x64     Download

Note: If the Mirror links are not working, go to, sign in and try again.

Other Softwares & Apps

Autodesk Desktop  Download

Creative Cloud       Download

WinRAR x64        Download

WinRAR x32        Download

Folx Download Manager Mac        Download

Internet Download Manager        Download

PowerISO x64        Download

PowerISO x32        Download

WinZip Mac OS        Download

WinZip        Download

VLC Media Player Mac (Apple Silicon)        Download

VLC Media Player Mac OS        Download

VLC Media Player x64        Download

VLC Media Player x32        Download

VLC Media Player Android        Download

Viber        Download

Whatsapp        Download

Windows PC Health Check        Download